GORDON HEMPTON: Silence and the Presence of Everything

“Silence is not absence. It’s not a vacuum or an emptiness... When I speak of silence, I often use it synonymously with quiet…” Gordon Hempton


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Gordon Hempton is founder and vice president of The One Square Inch of Silence Foundation based in Indianola, Washington. He has produced more than 60 albums of natural soundscapes.

“…You can’t hear a bird, a cricket, you can’t hear a ripple on a lake, you can’t hear any of the wind going through the pines. But you do have a sense of space and each habitat also has a characteristic sense of space. These are the fundamental — to relate this to music, these are the fundamental tones that everything else is built up upon so that, when we listen to a place on planet Earth, we very quickly realize that Earth is a solar-powered jukebox…”

Source: https://onbeing.org/programs/gordon-hempto...